Viruses in apps already have more than 2 million downloads

You know the one application that you unpretentiously downloaded? For example, apps to edit photos, stories or similar? Well, many of them usually come loaded with viruses that display ads in an exaggerated way, and still steal your information. These virus-ridden apps have racked up more than two million downloads on the Play Store only in the month of May.

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Learn more about these rogue apps

Disguised as games and applications of basic utilities, these applications take advantage of their use to apply scams. According to research carried out by Dr. Web, a company focused on digital security, there are at least 9 applications acting fraudulently, which have already totaled about 2 million downloads.

One of the most serious cases was the application PIP Pic Camera Photo Editor. It can steal Facebook credentials of its users with official Android store numbers. According to the report by Dr. Web, this kind of online theft, in an extremely sneaky way, is one of the most recurrent threats in the Android ecosystem.

In another report by Zimperium, researchers analyzed the 10 types of trojan viruses most commonly found in banking apps. In the United States alone, around 121 apps are often targeted by criminals who spread different malware. These alone already add up to more than 280 million downloads.

Its most present use, in addition to the United States, was in countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey and Australia. Brazil does not appear among the most affected nations and services, but that does not mean that the country is immune. Two attacks aimed directly at Brazilian Itaú users were found, carried out by the ExbotCombat virus.

To protect yourself from these threats

Before clicking on any download page and any application, pay close attention to the information in this one. Also, always pay attention to comments regarding the app, as they are usually very efficient in warning of danger.

Also, always keep your antivirus installed and up to date. This way, it will be more practical to identify threats.

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