Wanessa Camargo shows her son’s 1st birthday party after separation

Singer Wanessa Camargo celebrated her youngest son’s birthday with her family and delighted

The singer Vanessa Camargo threw a beautiful party to celebrate her youngest son’s birthday. The youngest João Francisco blew out the candles of his eight years of life. In addition to him, she is the mother of another boy. The firstborn, José Marcus, is 10 years old.

Both are fruits of his former relationship with the businessman. Marcus Buaiz. They were married for about 15 years. In May of this year, the former couple announced their separation. Through social media, they made an official statement – ​​which took followers by surprise.

Since then, José and João have made a few appearances with their parents. Marcus took the boys on a trip to a very famous amusement park in Brazil. The duo has also been spending quite a bit of time at Dad’s new mansion. The businessman moved to a luxury property as soon as they decided to separate.

Mom, on the other hand, delighted fans with a beautiful statement for her son who got older. “Today I was looking at you and I was moved to remember his arrival. When I first held you in my arms eight years ago, I could barely imagine what that little being would be like,” she wrote to Vanessa Camargoin their social networks.

She added: “You captivate, soften, envelop. You are Love. Pure, innocent and beautiful. I only ask God that nothing, no one changes this enlightened being that you are, João Francisco. Thank you for choosing me as your mother. That is my greatest honor, my greatest purpose, to be your mother. I love you, my boy. Congratulations!”.

To celebrate the special day, the famous also organized a beautiful party for her son. The chosen theme was football! The birthday boy posed for the photos wearing a shirt from his favorite team, Palmeiras, with autographs. The themed custom cake included multiple balls.

This was the first celebration since the divorce from Vanessa Camargo and Marcus Buaiz. Apparently, the businessman did not go to the party, as he did not appear in the images and videos released. Actresses Camilla Camargo and Luciele di Camargo, daughter and sister of Zezé Di Camargowere present at the party of little João.

The singer Wanessa Camargo showed the beautiful birthday party of her son, João Francisco

Instagram reproduction Singer Wanessa Camargo celebrated her youngest son’s 8th birthday with a beautiful party

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