what is on the agenda of the Economy in Brazil this week

Are you looking for popular issues that should be on the agenda in the coming days in the economic sector? It’s worth checking out the list below with 4 themes that are grooving and will become even more present until the end of June.

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Popular topics for the next few days: see 4

All people who follow the financial and economic market in Brazil need to be aware of its changes. Check out the popular topics for the next few days in Brazil.

Petrobras pricing policy

High fuel prices in Brazil are nothing new, right? But a new analysis of Petrobras’ values ​​will be discussed at the congress this week. Arthur Lira said he will meet with the government to discuss the matter. Petrobras’ administrative body was directly targeted at the government and its allied base. This must be one of the most talked about topics, especially after the last raise.


On June 30, Brazil’s quarterly inflation report will be released. The document was supposed to be delivered on the 23rd, but the strike by Central Bank employees delayed the process. The inflation framework may be updated according to the June IPCA-15. The percentage should increase due to fuel readjustments, since diesel alone rose 14%.


This Tuesday, the Central Bank will release the Copom minutes, which include a rise in the Selic rate, between 0.25 and 0.250 percentage point. This Thursday, Diogo Guillen will present the BC’s economic policy at 11 am. The interest rate market should be impacted with a strong schedule expected for July and August.

business sector

One of the popular topics for the next few days involves the business market. CVC has already declared that it will raise funds for the resumption of tourism. The objective is to accumulate R$ 470 million through its actions. São Martino and Oi must also make a quarterly balance sheet of their results, as well as Samarco face a conciliation hearing with creditors. For yes, Aneel extended the validity of Cemig’s tariffs until Tuesday.

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