Whindersson Nunes opens up and talks about the loss of his son: “I lost faith”

Whindersson Nunes vents and tells details about the loss of her baby with influencer Maria Lina

the comedian Whindersson Nunes opened her heart and told how she felt about losing her son to the model and digital influencer, Maria Lina. Little João Miguel was born in May last year prematurely and ended up not making it. In an interview with “Primocast”, the comedian told about the loss of his son. “A lot happened when my fiancée was pregnant. Being silent in many situations is better. It’s my thing,” he began.

Following the account, the artist revealed that his faith was shaken after the loss of the baby, who lived only two days. “When he was born, I prayed, I knelt. I was crying. I said: ‘Save my son’. Did not happen. Come that stop where you tell yourself that God doesn’t need to prove something to you. I was in great anguish. You find yourself losing faith, you try to deceive yourself. I can’t let go of the faith and essence of God, ever,” he snapped. Whindersson Nunes.

The comedian’s relationship with Maria Lina ended months after the loss of the child. Recently, the two were spotted together during a trip to Egypt. The visibly upset model even complained about the ex-couple’s lack of privacy.

“Uncomfortable and invasive. Intimate moments exposed… very boring. So many people do everything to be in the spotlight, why not focus on them and leave those who really value description alone?”, she vented on her social media.

After returning from the trip he took with Whindersson Nunes, the comedian’s ex-fiancée radicalized and decided to change her look. Last Thursday (16), the influencer showed on her social networks the change she made to her hair.

“I created courage. I decided to make some very light lit stirs in the mega hair and two moves in my bangs because there’s no going back, but dye if I don’t like it, I put paint on top. Remembering that I don’t have any dye in my hair, I’ve never dyed it in my life and I didn’t even mess around. My first time,” she declared.

Whindersson Nunes opens up and tells details about the loss of her first child

Instagram reproduction Whindersson Nunes gives an emotional account of the loss of her baby

Former Whindersson Nunes, Maria Lina radicalizes and appears with a new look

Instagram reproduction Ex-fiancée of Whindersson Nunes, Maria Lina, radicalizes and shows a new look

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