Whindersson Nunes show in Teresina tests inclusive device for deaf people to ‘feel’ show | Piauí

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This was the first time that the test was carried out in Piauí. in conversation with the g1the startup’s founding partner, physicist Gildário Lima, said that Saturday’s test was important for the project, as for the first time participants watched a complete event, accompanied by interpreters and more professionals who participated in the development of the object.

“Saturday’s test was important because for the first time the deaf followed the whole show, in the previous ones they were moment tests, so we started to make the device more mobile, they were placed in the front seats to follow”, pointed out Gildário.

Deaf Whindersson who followed the show in Teresina — Photo: Reproduction / Tron

The physicist also said that one of the reports that most caught the attention of professionals who participated in the production of the device was the fact that the three participants reported the experience and that they were able to feel the intensity of the jokes told by Whindersson.

“They commented that it was now possible to know the intensity of the joke, because as the joke was very good, the whole audience was vibrating and they started to feel it and that was very emotional for them, the noise of the clapping, the wave, the sound. For them to feel the palms through vibrations was something that jumped out at me”, he pointed out.

Also according to him, the technology is ready, and the next step will be ergonomic improvements in the equipment, so that it becomes more accessible, lightweight and can be used by anyone.

Gildário explained that the technology used in the MR project, named in honor of a deaf student at a school that used the TRON method, and based on questions from student Maria Rita, the project was developed; consists of a device that perceives sounds on two levels.

Technology used in MR at a show by Whindersson Nunes in Teresina — Photo: Reproduction

“It can perceive ambient sound when the device is in ambient version, so everything from sound that rolls in the environment it captures, processes and transforms it into mechanical vibrations spread throughout the body. A second way of capturing the device is through a smartphone, where I connect the device to a device and all the sounds that come out of the device, music, regardless of external noise, will also be converted to the experience of this device”, explained Gildário .

Importance of Whindersson

Whindersson Nunes in Teresina, Piauí — Photo: Personal Archive

The comedian from Piauí, according to Gildário, has a fundamental role in the development of the projects developed by the startup, since in addition to funding Whindersson, he is also a supporter of the inclusion of people with disabilities.

“He becomes part of this startup, he bought the idea, because it is a startup that emerged in Piauí, and that is having a national impact and revolutionizing the insertion of technology in schools through the TRON method. And second, because it is a great advocate of inclusion and how technology can enable it”, he said.

Gildário also said that in addition to the MR, TRON still has other projects that will be developed, such as the prototype of a low-cost wheelchair, which will be executed after the completion of the MR.

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