Whindersson surprises by revealing how much he earns from advertising on Instagram; know value

Comedian also talked about his shows and told why he needs to charge dearly for some tickets

Reproduction/Instagram/whinderssonnunesWhindersson Nunes
Whindersson Nunes said he earns 20 million a year from advertising on Instagram

the comedian Whindersson Nunes gave details of how he manages to earn millions of reais a year with his work. Asked what their business logic is on the podcast PrimoCast, the influencer revealed: “I know roughly how much I’ll make if I just do that all year. If I only advertise, for example, on my Instagram, sell advertising and do it well, I’m going to take R$ 20 million in the year. If I do a show all year, [também] I know how much I earn.” Whindersson also explained that when he decides to play shows in fewer cities, he chooses to perform in places that hold a larger audience and, as these shows end up being unique, the price of tickets goes up. He said that this way you end up earning the same as if you did more shows, but it’s less exhausting.

A frequent complaint that the humorist hear is that he charges different amounts on his show. That’s because, they say, he is a “humble guy and keeps separating people by class”. Whindersson, who has an annual audience of approximately 310,000 people, said he does this because there are people who want to pay more to watch his show. “There are people who want to pay dearly, I can’t explain that. It’s not that she wants to get closer [do palco], she wants to pay more. If it’s R$100, you don’t want to [comprar] because he wants to say that he paid R$350 and that he gave it as a gift to his mother-in-law, to his girlfriend and, in the end, he spent R$1,000. These expensive tickets are the first to run out, I can’t understand. When I put the most affordable value, it takes time to come out,” she concluded.

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