XP launches digital account with debit card, PIX, transfers and withdrawals

THE XP launches its digital account today (20th) – with the novelty, account holders can carry out, through the app, unlimited TED and PIX transactions, payments and withdrawals. In addition, they can also request salary portability to XP and activate the debit function on the XP Visa Infinite card.

Another novelty is that there are no account opening or maintenance fees, unlike what some banks usually charge. The digital account will be gradually made available to the customer base from today until October, when all XP customers will be able to access the products.

According to XP’s CEO, Thiago Mafra, the launch of the digital account is a company strategy to serve customers in everything they need on a daily basis. He also said that the novelty is a historic milestone in the life of XP, which now offers all services related to financial life.

“It is a historic step for XP, in which we started to offer all the necessary services so that people can do with us everything they need related to their financial life, in a simple and secure way from our application. We know that customers still need better service and better products from banks. We will continue to have a transparent relationship, without abusive fees”.

“Our customers are already with us for what requires a greater degree of trust, which is the management of their investments. We hope that with the digital account there will be a natural movement of these customers to bring more and more assets to XP. By concentrating the entire financial life of the client in our ecosystem, we will be able to increase our share of wallet in assets under custody”concludes Maffra.

Opening the digital account on XP

To open the digital account, the customer must be an individual, over 18 years old, holder of an investment account at XP, and already have the application installed on the cell phone (with an enabled token). Once in the app, just do the following:

  1. Access your XP account and click on “Account”;
  2. Once this is done, tap on “Activate Free” and accept the account opening agreement;
  3. Validate facial biometrics;
  4. Ready! Your XP digital account will be activated.

See the step by step below:

The branch and digital account numbers will be the same as those for the investment account, but the institution code will be different. Thus, the client now has an investment account under the code of Corretora XP (102) and another with Banco XP (348). Both operate separately, but within the same application. The digital account, its utilities and the XP card are products offered by Banco XP.

Payment via debit and withdrawals

At this time, the complete digital account will be available to XP customers who already have an active investment account and credit card. Together with the digital account, these customers will be able to activate the debit functionality on their cards, and thus make payments in cash, by approximation or insertion.

In addition, they will also be able to make withdrawals at Rede24h ATMs, with up to four free withdrawals per month.

Portability to digital wallets

After activating the debit functionality, customers will still be able to register their cards in this mode in the main digital wallets on the market, available on various mobile devices. Until October, the product will be available to all XP customers, regardless of whether or not they have a credit card.

While the investment account enables financial planning and application management, the digital account allows for better management of daily expenses, bill payments, transfers, salary receipts and other operations.

Do you intend to activate your XP digital account?

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