Yasmin Brunet dumps Faustão’s son and reinforces singleness | TV

The model Yasmin Brunet was one of the guests of this Monday (20), of the program “Faustão na Band”. In the painting “Pizza do Faustão”, Gabriel Medina’s ex-wife was surprised by an indiscreet question from her friend, the co-host of the attraction João Guilherme. Straight to the point, the TV veteran’s son wanted to know what qualities a man needs to have to win her heart.

“I have a question for my friend Yasmin! Here’s the thing, you’re single, all the guys talk, Yasmin is a hottie, I want to know: what do you see in a man today? What do you think a man has to have?”after the audience’s screams interrupted João Guilherme’s questioning, Yasmin declared a little embarrassed: “Friend who does that?”.

“Yasmin has to tell! She has a lot of face that she is watching and wants to know. What do you look for in a Yasmin man?”, added the son of Faustão. The TV veteran did not miss the opportunity to also give his opinion on the matter: “She is looking for a man who has attitude, a number of things”opined Fausto Silva.

sincere, model Yasmin Brunet reinforced her singleness and made a point of highlighting that she is not looking for any man: “I will go [falar] like Rihanna, I’m not looking for a man, but the most important thing is character!”finished the daughter of former model Yasmin Brunet.

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