Youth announces departure of coach Eduardo Baptista and football executive

Juventude announced, on Monday night (20), the dismissal of coach Eduardo Baptista and football executive Marcelo Barbarotti.

Eduardo Baptista was ahead of the Juventude team for only 17 games and leaves the team in the bottom of the Brazilian Championship, with 10 points conquered in 13 rounds.

Check out the official press release in full below:

Esporte Clube Juventude officially announces the dismissal of coach Eduardo Baptista from the alviverde technical command. He led the team for 17 games between Gauchão, Copa do Brasil and Campeonato Brasileiro. In addition to the professional, Football Executive Marcelo Barbarotti also leaves the club, who was at the club since the beginning of 2021 and was a fundamental piece in the assembly of the squad that ensured Alviverde’s permanence in Serie A last season.

Esporte Clube Juventude reinforces the feeling of gratitude towards Eduardo Baptista and Marcelo Barbarotti, who throughout their time at Verdão, showed themselves to be professionals of the most intense dedication and of the highest level and, for this reason, holds extreme respect from everyone inside. of Alfredo Jaconi Stadium. The club wishes the professionals success and luck in their careers.

Now, the Alviverde board is already working on the search for new names to assume the positions of coach and football executive.

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