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XP Investimentos disclosed in a report 6 companies that pay quarterly dividends (Image: Getty Images)

THE XP Investimentos released this Tuesday (21) report citing six companies that can pay dividends quarterly.

For the assembly of the portfolio, the payment history of the last two years was analyzed, only dividends and not including interest on equity, of companies that are covered by the XP.

In this way, the shares were listed according to the frequency at which they tended to make dividend payments in the past – remembering that this can change –, showing the target price defined by analysts and the dividend yield projected for 2022.

See which companies pay quarterly dividends:

tickerCompanyTarget PriceDividend Yeld 2022
BAAS3Bank of BrazilBRL 5710.4%
EGIE3Engie BrazilBRL 499.5%
GGBR4GerdauBRL 33.8014.2%
KLBN11klabinBRL 31.206.0%
MRFG3MarfrigBRL 34.800.0%
VALE3OKBRL 97.107.8%


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