After stroke and cancer, Anitta’s father gets covid and is hospitalized again

Five days after being discharged after suffering a stroke (Cerebral Vascular Accident) and undergoing surgery to treat cancer, Anitta’s father, Mauro Machado, was hospitalized again with covid-19.

“Back to the hospital. After being 80% well recovered, the covid decided to visit me. But I don’t know how many days hospitalized. Isolated. For those who operated on the lung, this virus is a danger”, wrote the 58-year-old businessman in a Instagram Story.

“I’m glad I have Dr. Ludmila Hajjar”, thanked Painitto, as he is known, referring to the doctor who treats several famous people.

Story by Mauro Machado, Anitta's father - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Story by Mauro Machado, Anitta’s father

Image: Playback/Instagram

At the beginning of the month, Anitta said that her father suffered a stroke “out of nowhere”. “He takes great care of his health, he does all the exams,” said the singer.

“I called the cardiologist ludhmilla Hajjar, a queen. She started to examine him, he was bad, talking crookedly. They discovered lung cancer and the medical team removed it immediately. The surgery took place on Sunday night (5)”.

“Patient for months. Sinusitis? Covid? Lung? Tiredness and Doubts. I did tests, exams, cured some [sintomas]. But always bad. I did some candomblecist acts to find out. In SP for routine exam. I had a spike in blood pressure. stroke reasons? I took exams. Lung cancer,” Mauro wrote on Twitter.

The biopsy indicated that Mauro did not have metastasis, which means that he is cured of the cancer.

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