After two years together, girlfriends discover they may have the same father

A couple of girlfriends from Canada discovered that there is a chance that they are stepsisters. The shock came when they learned that the same man had a relationship with both of their mothers, according to the New York Post. Carley and Mercedes have been together for two years and shared the discovery on TikTok.

The duo takes the situation with good humor and asked the 582 thousand followers if they should take the DNA test to confirm this suspicion. “When you find out, after two years of dating, that your moms slept with the same guy. Should we do a DNA test?”, they asked. “If we are really related, is it wrong for us to be together?”

The comments draw attention to the couple’s resemblance and some netizens even admitted that they thought they were sisters before opening the video in which they tell the news.

“I have no idea who you guys are and I immediately thought you guys were sisters before reading the text,” said one. “That could explain why you two look like sisters.”

Other users suggest that the best way is to take a DNA test. “I think the real risk would be not getting the DNA test done,” said one user. “Pay one straight away,” said another.

There are still those who support that they continue without knowing it. “At this point, ignorance can be bliss.”

The suggestions had an effect and Carley and Mercedes are already thinking about taking a test to confirm if they are related – but, for now, the question remains open.

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