Agency reveals 6 cell phones that emit the most radiation

O cell It is an almost mandatory item for many people. It is used for communication between friends and family, for work functions, performing tasks, among many other features. Even with so many benefits, an alert made by regulatory agencies around the world pointed to models of devices that emit more radiation than normal.

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Because they have among their different components types of metals, cell phones generate heat that results in radioactive emissions. In the human body, this reaction can harm the human body, altering its metabolism, causing mutations and the emergence of diseases.

7 cell phones champions in radiation emission

And to control the radioactive levels of cell phones, entities have established a “Specific Absorption Rate”. According to them, the emission of 2 watts/kg is the maximum tolerated without compromising the user’s health.

And to alert the world’s population, the 6 cell phones that emit the most radiation today were found. See what they are below:

  1. Motorola Edge
  2. Axon 11 5G
  3. One Plus 6T
  4. Sony Xperia XA2
  5. Google Pixel XL/3a XL, Pixel 4A
  6. Oppo Reno 5G
  7. Sony Xpera XZ1 Compact

But calm down, there’s no need to despair yet…

Despite the warning made by regulatory agencies, even emitting radiation, cell phones have the version called “ionizing radiation”, which have low frequency and weaker energy. In this sense, they are not strong enough to cause damage to the body, as in the case of X-rays, for example.

about the cell phone cause cancer, there are still no studies that prove this thesis, despite evidence accumulated over two decades. In other words, none of them, so far, can prove unquestionably the relationship between the disease and the constant use of cell phones.

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