Allies on the left of the PT consider Lula’s government program better than that of 2002

Allies on the left of the PT consider the final version of the guidelines of the government program of former president Lula (PT) better and broader than the text of 2002, when the PT was elected for the first time to the highest office in the country.

The document, which will be released this Tuesday 21, deals with the full repeal of the spending ceiling and the ‘regressive milestones of the current labor legislation’. The passage was a request from the union centrals.

The annulment of the labor reform was one of the PSOL’s demands to support Lula in the first round. In the new text, the group proposes ‘a broad debate and negotiation, a new labor legislation with extensive social protection for all forms of occupation’.

“The text talks about the repeal of the regressive aspects of the last labor reform. This contemplates us”, said the coordinator of the PSOL electoral program debate, Claudio Puty. “The program is very superior to Lula’s 2003. We like it much better.”

The text was prepared based on suggestions from PT, PCdoB, PV, PSB, REDE, PSOL and Solidarity in a series of meetings in recent months. Last week, the document was approved by Lula and the vice candidate on his ticket, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB).

The latest version of the program has a commitment to zero deforestation in the Amazon, fighting illegal mining in the region and ‘a new fuel and gas price policy’.

After the full disclosure, the text will be published on a digital platform to receive suggestions from civil society.

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