Ana Hickmann is caught having sex with Alexandre Corrêa: “On all fours”

The famous presenter of Nowadays gives record, Ana Hickmann returned to be among the most talked about topics of the moment this past week. That’s because, the contractor of Edir Macedo’s station left her followers with their jaws dropped when she was caught in the act during a more than intimate moment with her husband, Alexandre Correa.

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Together for more than 20 years, the blonde and the businessman talked about their intimate life during a YouTube chat. Unashamed of exposing some more sordid details, the Record contractor confessed that her eight-year-old son, Alexandre, already caught them in the act. “He didn’t see anything, he just asked: ‘Dad, what’s going on with Mom? Is mom crying?’”, recalled the artist.

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According to Ana Hickmann, Alexandre Corrêa had to invent a lie to tell the heir. “He had to say no and came up with another excuse: ‘Mom was just arguing with someone”, said the famous with a laugh.

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The presenter also said that the couple always locks the bedroom door, however, they forgot on the day. “He said, ‘Mommy’. And I: ‘I’m here, son!’. And he went to ask his father”, recalled the presenter. But the exhibition did not stop there. The lovebirds confessed the positions they can do.

The famous presenter of Hoje Em Dia da Record, Ana Hickmann and Alexandre Corrêa talk about H hour (Photo: Reproduction)
The famous presenter of Hoje Em Dia da Record, Ana Hickmann and Alexandre Corrêa talk about H hour (Photo: Reproduction)

“It’s what the body allows to be done, where you are, how much time you have and what you want to do”, began the businessman. In the sequence, the famous confessed that the two have problems in the spine such as hernia and parrot’s beak. “Ana Hickmann infiltrated her knee and now she can get on all fours. Before, it didn’t work”, fired the professional.

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However, those who believe that Alexandre Corrêa is a habit to all experiences in sex with Ana Hickmann are mistaken. According to the presenter of Hoje Em Dia, the husband does not like to use any type of toy in the intimate moment.

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“We tried it once and I was kind of jealous of the toy”, said the artist, who discovered a secret from his wife. “But I know that there are people with things hidden at home that I’ve already found”, said Ana Hickmann’s husband.

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