Andressa Urach points out ‘big mistake’ in her marriage

Andressa Urach shared a new video on her YouTube channel, to talk about her relationship with her current husband, Thiago Lopes. The two got into a relationship in November 2020 and a month later, they got married. According to the model, all this “rush” in the relationship was a ‘big mistake’.

“In November, we complete two years, with many difficult moments. We made a big mistake. We were dominated by passion and we don’t respect the phases of a relationship. The time of courtship is to get to know the person… it was love at first sight. We looked at each other, loved each other and never let go.” she declared.


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Thiago Lopes and Andressa Urach (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

“It was a lot of friction”, admits Andressa Urach

The famous point out that the fact that they got married very quickly resulted in many challenges and friction in the couple’s life. “We skipped important steps and got to know each other during the wedding. It all happened very quickly, and we got to know each other by living together. All of this caused a lot of friction. What was that love, that passion… we started to see each other’s faults.” Andressa confessed.

The crisis in the relationship between Urach and Thiago happened in September last year. At the time, she was pregnant with Leon, her son who was born in February of this year. Faced with the turbulent moment, she came to announce that he would return to prostitution and said that she had separated from her husband. Shortly thereafter, they resumed their relationship.

“There were arguments, fights… there was the psychiatric part, and all these problems came during the marriage. When we broke up, we saw that we loved each other and decided to forgive ourselves… when you put yourself in the other’s shoes and start to see what hurts you, it’s already a big step, and that’s what we’re doing. We are getting to know each other, learning what the other likes or dislikes and trying not to hurt them. And if it happens, we apologize. Today we are living the best phase of our relationship, but because God comes first”said Andressa Urach.

Check out the video in full:

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