Asking for refunds in Diablo Immortal can cut basic game features

Getting your money back can turn your character into a ghost unable to enjoy the game

Although it is possible to play Immortal Diablo without paying anything for it, the Blizzard game is made in a way that encourage players to open their wallet to purchase extra Battle Passes, items and resources, among other incentives. While the company offers a refund option for these purchases, players who choose to do so may be punished with the cutting of several functionalities.

As reported on Reddit, Getting the money back invested in the game is not an easy process. According to user PlumbGame, he only achieved this by going directly to Apple, for whom he had to prove that the official description of the game was misleading. He also stated that, in trying to appeal directly to Blizzard, it was blocked from the chat system by the company’s support team members.

In cases where a refund has been provided, players found themselves “owing” the items they had acquired, if they had already been used. The situation is particularly complicated in the case of Eternal Orbscurrency used to acquire various in-game items, including gems that improve the effectiveness of your Rifts — when they are returned and the balance goes negative, it is no longer possible to change equipment, destroy items, join groups or participate in quests in high difficulties.

Blizzard warns of refund risks

Blizzard itself admits that built Diablo Immortal’s systems in a way that hurts players who decide to get their money back. Since Eternal Orbs can only be acquired through microtransactions, regaining complete control of a character means having to spend it again to end the negative balance.

In a support message sent by the company, it warns that asking for a return for already used items “will not allow you to play in a group, place equipment and destroy items until you reacquire enough orbs to get out of this swing”. In practice, the players who decided to proceed with the refunds claimed that their characters had become true ghosts inside the game.

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Diablo Immortal’s monetization systems have been controversial since the game’s launchwhich currently has only 0.4 points in the average user rating on Metacritic. Recently, a streamer showed that he had to spend over $15,000 to get a max-level Legendary Gem, something that shows. practically impossible for those who decide to play completely free of charge.


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