Australian uses frying pan to fight crocodile and protect his pet; watch video

Kai Hensen says the appearance of these animals on his property is common; no one was hurt

Playback/Twitter/@amy_sinclair9man uses frying pan to ward off crocodile
Man fends off crocodile using a frying pan

One Australian used a frying pan to hit a crocodile that was trying to get into his bar. According to the 9News news agency, the man, identified with Kai Hensen and King of Kein, is the owner of the bar Goat Island Lodge, which is on the banks of the Adelaide River, and conquered the internet by showing coldness to confront the animal. In the video available, it is possible to see the time when the crocodile approaches and Hensen starts hitting the animal with the frying pan, causing it to turn around and return to the bush from which it came a second later. According to the man, the place is full of these animals, he has even adopted one, which goes by the name of Casey. However, she and Fred, the crocodile that invaded the property, don’t get along mainly because the male is larger than the female, which is a problem. Thus, it was necessary to interrupt Hensen to prevent something worse from happening.

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