Bolsonarista, Dedé Santana says he suffered after political positioning

Dede Santana

Dede Santana

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Actor and comedian Dedé Santana revealed that he suffered after expressing his political position. Today a bolsonarista, Dedé had consequences even in the artistic world.

In an interview with Veja, the comedian said that some co-workers stopped talking to him since he started supporting Jair Bolsonaro. Dedé, however, did not name names.

“A lot of people stopped talking to me since I defended him, people I prefer not to name names. I met a guy by the name of Capitão, he lived near his condominium in Rio, and I always addressed him like that, Captain. Until that stab during the election happened and I realized that ‘captain’ was a candidate for the Presidency. I went there to show solidarity,” he said.

“I didn’t even know I was a politician. I spoke [para ele]: ‘I want you to be my president!’. And I don’t regret it.”

To the publication, the actor also criticized political correctness in humor, and how it affects his work: “It’s complicated because of political correctness, you can’t say anything else, which becomes a problem”.

Dedé used as an example the work of ‘Os Trapalhões’, which made him famous, decades ago.

'The Trapalhões'

‘The Trapalhões’

Photo: Publicity / Estadão

“In ‘Os Trapalhões’ from the 80’s and 90’s, there was no evil. I would enter the scene and say to Mussum: ‘Oh negão!’. He would reply: ‘Negão is your passadis!’. And everyone laughed. ‘joyful boy’ and I didn’t see evil. Nowadays everything is complicated”, he added.

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