Brazilians spend more on fuel than on food today

A survey made by the app PicPay shows that Brazilian spending is being directed to other spheres. Between December 2021 and March 2022, there was an increase of R$39 or 14% more with transport. The ascent can be justified by the ascent in the fuel priceswhich have shown consecutive increases in recent months.

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In addition to spending on fuel, which rose from R$271 in December to R$310 in March, many people also increased costs related to other categories, such as public transport, tolls and mobility apps.

Food expenses fall

In contrast to these data, the survey brings an observation about food, normally the item with the greatest weight in people’s monthly consumption graph. The category fell by no less than R$103 or 14% in the same period of evaluation.

While in December BRL 731 was spent on services in bars, supermarkets and restaurants, in March this year the amount dropped to BRL 628. About this behavior, it can be explained by the attempt of Brazilians to balance the accounts during the high of inflation in the period, which ended up reducing purchasing power.

Other items that moved in the list of priorities of Brazilians

In addition to food, other items commonly included in the spending list also ended up being cut. In terms of education, for example, there was a reduction of R$ 44 or 18%. This is because spending in December was R$246 against just R$202 in March.

On the other hand, there was an increase of R$ 32 or 35% in TV/Internet/Telephone expenses. The average expense went from R$92 to R$125. The purchases category also increased by R$24 or 12%, whose expenses spent between December and March rose from R$203 to R$227.

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