Bruno Gagliasso is “disappointed” with his daughter’s 1st piece of cake

Bruno Gagliasso at an event (Photo: Manuel Romano/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Bruno Gagliasso at an event (Photo: Manuel Romano/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Bruno Gagliasso’s reaction when Títi gave the first piece of cake to a friend during her birthday celebration this Monday (20) went viral on social media. The girl turned 9 and her parents made the famous “cupcake” with some friends and family.

During the “congratulations”, Bruno was very close to his daughter. He expected to receive the first piece of the cake and did not hide his disappointment when Títi decided to give it to one of her friends.

The video, posted on Instagram by makeup artist Cleide Araújo, who does various jobs for her family, went viral on the internet. There were people who felt sorry for the actor, but most had fun and said he better get used to it. “Kids grow up, right?” said a fan. “We raise children for the world,” commented another.

After the birthday party, Bruno Gagliasso congratulated his eldest daughter on his Instagram and made it clear that it was all a joke. He was not upset with Titi.

“The day is yours. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. Every day is yours. I’m all yours too, my life is all yours. And everything I do, think and create is for you. It’s my sun. Bright, warm, radiant, the most beautiful star. It is the one who gives life and illuminates everything. Such a force, capable of warming even the coldest of hearts. You have this unique, so special characteristic of making everything more beautiful. I see you grow and I’m happier every day because you are who you are. I’m so proud to be your father and have the opportunity to learn from you what it’s like to live. This existence only makes sense because you’re here. And I’ll always be here for you. you. Always, my daughter. I love you more than anything”, declared Bruno.

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