Civil Police identify camera used to monitor actions by RJ’s PM’s elite battalion | Rio de Janeiro

The RJ Civil Police identified one of the cameras installed to monitor police officers from the Shock Battalion, in central Rio. The equipment was placed in a closed store, with the lens facing the barracks gate.

According to investigations, the police officers of Shock and the Special Operations Battalion (BOPE), which is located in Laranjeiras, in the South Zone, were monitored by a scheme that used, in addition to cameras, even rented properties.

Investigators now want to know who was behind this surveillance on elite PM troops.

Carolina Teixeira da Silvawife of a PM who is in prison, and Keley Cristina Domingos dos Santos are still detained for watching and following the police, including making broadcasts in real time, on the charge of association with trafficking. Investigations show that they rented properties to monitor the agents’ movements.

The regions of the battalions gained reinforcement in policing throughout the night and in the morning of this Wednesday (22).

According to a witness, one of the suspects told neighbors that the closed store where the camera was placed would be an ice factory — that never opened.

The Civil Police also visited the woman’s apartment in Laranjeiras. The researchers found that the door was broken down and the equipment where the images are recorded was removed of the property. The agents requested access to the building’s security cameras to identify the suspects.

Camera was aimed at the entrance of the Military Police battalion of Rio de Janeiro — Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Civil Police investigate scheme that would monitor Bope PMs – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

The scheme was discovered this Tuesday morning (21), when Bope vehicles were leaving for an operation against drug trafficking in Favela de Manguinhos and realized that they were being followed by a car.

In the vehicle, according to police, the two women had six cell phones. One of them did a online broadcast.

The route between Laranjeiras and Manguinhos was being transmitted by the device. On the other side, someone was following all the movement of the vehicles. The women were taken to the 11th DP (Rocinha), where they were booked in flagrante delicto.

The police discovered that the women had been following the Bope movement for a long time and from a privileged position.

Cell phones seized from women who would be monitoring police officers in Rio – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Women are arrested for passing information to traffickers in Rio – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Caroline watched the cars leave and where they were going. These images were recorded and, with this monitoring, the women followed the train. The police are investigating whether this information was passed on to a gang that knew in advance. where police operations would take place.

An exchange of messages between Carolina and another unidentified person shows that every inch of the journey was covered in detail. “4 cars taking Av. Brasil. Without the big guy [blindado]. We’re on the Red Line,” the messages read.

Messages show that Bope police officers were being monitored by a gang, according to the police — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

The PM’s spokesman, Major Ivan Blazexplained that other units in the Center may also be being monitored. The images from a security camera, in front of the Shock Battalion, in downtown Rio, were connected to Carolina’s cell phone. she could follow online all the movement of the barracks and the departure of the vehicles.

The investigators want to know how Carolina had access to these images, according to the police, a scheme in the service of drug trafficking, which involves organized crime and which is beginning to be dismantled.

Camera facing the door of the Batalhão de Choque, in the central region of Rio — Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

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