Coritiba formalizes protest at CBF

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By: Ricardo Honorio

Coritiba filed an administrative representation at the CBF against arbitration errors in the classic Atletiba. The document was filed on Monday with the Arbitration Ombudsman, with a copy to the former São Paulo arbitrator Wilson Seleme, chairman of the Arbitration Commission.

According to an article on the club’s official website, the document, signed by President Juarez Moraes e Silva. expresses Coritiba’s protest and disagreement with the performance of the field referee, Luiz Flávio de Oliveira, and the video referee, Daiane Caroline Muniz dos Santos, for the mistakes made in the classic.

The document highlights the unmarked penalty in the 56th minute on top of Léo Gamalho, when the top scorer alviverde was fouled by defender Pedro Henrique, inside the area, minutes after VAR called Luiz Flávio de Oliveira to check a possible penalty for the A. Paranaense, who ended up being marked and converted. In the bid with forward alviverde, in addition to the field referee and VAR ignoring the infraction, Luiz Flávio de Oliveira whistled the end of the match without waiting for the bid to be reviewed.

In the document, Coritiba also requests the provision of audios that contain the referee’s dialogue during the match, the warning to the referees, the non-selection of these to play in Coritiba matches in this Brasileirão and that they are submitted to a recycling / reassessment.


Arbitration in Brazil is something that urgently needs to be professionalized. Although there are rules in football, each judge interprets them in his own way. The penalty awarded to A. Paranaense is an example of this. In the game between São Paulo x Palmeiras, held this Monday, the goalkeeper Jandrei, from São Paulo, played an identical bid to that of the goalkeeper of Coritiba, Rafael William, however, unlike Mr. Luiz Flávio de Oliveira, the judge of the classic Paulista, Anderson Daronco, nothing scored.

But it was not just the penalty awarded to A. Paranaense that gave rise to the protests of Coritiba, but mainly the non-verification of a possible penalty for Coritiba soon after the Atlético goal. In the bid it is clear that the rival’s defender, Pedro Henrique, goes up to head the ball putting his hand on Léo Gamalho’s face and leaning on the striker Coxa-Branca, which characterizes a clear infraction. However, in addition to ignoring the bid, the referee ended the game soon after, without giving time to check the VAR. At the very least, a suspicious attitude, not only from the judge, but also from the video referee.

Unfortunately, we know that the CBF will not do anything about the refereeing errors in the classic, even with Coritiba formalizing their protest. But the club alviverde is correct in officially showing its discontent.

It is unbelievable that a sport that moves billions of reais, countless direct and indirect jobs, that stirs the passion of millions of Brazilians, still has to live with amateur arbitration, which puts football in suspicion. Not even the adoption of VAR ended the bad referees in Brazilian football.
The only way to improve is the professionalization of refereeing. Until that happens, we will continue to suffer from the mistakes and bias of referees like Wilton Pereira Sampaio, Sávio Pereira Sampaio, Luiz Flávio de Oliveira and many others who have already harmed Coritiba.

Ricardo Honorio
Editor of COXAnautas

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