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The names of the councilors who should compose the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) to investigate health management and also the transfer of resources to partner social organizations in Uberlândia were defined.

The councilors must compose the Health CPI Murilo Ferreira (PDT), Thais Andrade (PV), Antônio Augusto Queijinho (Citizenship), Neemias Miquéias (PSD) and Abatenio Marques (PP). Even with the disclosure, the names should still be published this week by the president of the Chamber in the official newspaper of the House, “O Legislativo”.

Upon ratification, the role of each one within the commission will be defined. The CPI’s work is expected to begin at the beginning of July. Once the CPI is established, members have 120 days to complete the investigation, with an extension for another 60 days.

Signed by councilors Murilo Ferreira (Rede), Amanda Gondim (PDT), Cláudia Guerra (PDT), Cristiano Caporezzo (PL), Dandara (PT), Dudu – Luiz Eduardo (PROS), Fabão (Pros), Liza Prado (Patriota) and Odair José (Avante), the request to install the CPI da Saúde was filed on May 30

On June 15, the CPI requirement was published, when each parliamentary bloc had 2 working days to nominate the members who would compose the commission.

According to the press office of the City Council, the meeting for deliberation/appointment of members was held this Tuesday (21) with the presence of 23 parliamentarians.

Currently, the management of municipal public health in Uberlândia is carried out through an agreement with the Paulista Association for the Development of Medicine (SPDM) and the Missão Sal da Terra, in addition to direct contracts made by the Municipal Health Department.

One of the questions that councilors want to ask is about the expenses that SPDM has to maintain the service in Uberlândia, such as R$ 50 thousand for a law firm in the State of São Paulo and another R$ 200 thousand monthly for a São Paulo company information technology.

It is also questioned the direct hiring by the Municipal Health Department of consultancies, law firms, accounting, lectures and other activities. Another point is the payment of R$ 70 thousand for a lecture by Mario Sérgio Cortella, which would have been paid with resources that, according to councilors, were intended to combat Covid-19.

SPDM said that “is open and very calm to collaborate with the councilors of uberlândia on health management in the municipality. SPDM is one of the largest philanthropic health entities in Brazil, formed by highly qualified professionals, who contribute in different sectors to excellence in the quality of care, aiming at patient safety. We manage hospital and outpatient units, with the aim of bringing the most advanced medical knowledge to the entire population”.

“SPDM took over management in June 2018. Our work has always been guided by transparency, with open and public accountability to whomever is interested. SPDM is above political and economic interests. We are proud to serve the population and provide opportunities and decent wages to our employees”.

THE TV Integration also contacted the Municipality of Uberlândia and the Sal da Terra Mission to take a position on the issue, but there was no response until the last update of the article.

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