Cruzeiro assistant Rafael Guanaes agrees with Novorizontino for Serie B

Rafael Guanaes command
photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro

Rafael Guanaes leads Novorizontino in the Serie B sequence

Permanent technical assistant at Cruzeiro, Rafael Guanaes accepted a proposal from Novorizontino and left the celestial club this Tuesday (21). He will lead the team from the interior of So Paulo in the sequence of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship.

Guanaes arrived at Cruzeiro in March of this year, after leaving Tombense. In 2021, he commanded the team at Zona da Mata Mineira in the campaign for access Srie B.

Graduated in Physical Education from Campbell University, in the United States, the coach holds A and B licenses from the CBF coaching course and is currently in the process of obtaining the PRO. He is also accredited by the ATFA (Association of Argentine Coaches).

In addition to taking the Tombense Second Division of the Brazilian, Guanaes was champion of Maranhão for Sampaio Corra, Copa Paulista for Votuporanguense, and Paulista Series B (equivalent fourth division) for So Carlos. The commander also climbed Joseense, from So Jos dos Campos-SP, Series A3 of the state.

At Novorizontino, Guanaes replace Alan Aal, who was fired after the 3-1 defeat to Tombense, at home. After a good start in Serie B, the São Paulo club dropped in performance and today occupies the 15th place, with 14 points – just one more than Nutico, which opens the Z4.

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