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The meeting in Betim was the first between the parties. Gabriel Lima explains that it is too early to give an opinion on the project offered and that there will be a study so that Cruzeiro can clear up all doubts regarding it. please note that the club will receive a letter of intent so that it can learn more about the project.

– It’s still too preliminary to give an opinion. We understood, we hadn’t seen anything about the project, the place, we found out about it through the press. We were invited to present the project. We went, we listened to the whole project, we have a series of doubts. Let’s do our homework and pass on to them all the doubts about the model, how long the construction would take… a series of technical details before we say it’s a firm option – he said, in an interview with Samuel Venâncio’s channel.

Cruzeiro met this Tuesday to get to know a stadium project in Betim — Photo: Disclosure / City Hall of Betim

“Let’s go Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

Faced with the impasse with Mineirão, which is due to the high cost for Cruzeiro to play in the stadium, Gabriel Lima considers the option of being able to analyze the project of the neighboring city of Belo Horizonte interesting. The CEO mentions that the club is looking for a permanent home. This year, the team had to play two important games (Grêmio, in Série B, and Remo, in the Copa do Brasil) at Independência due to the Pampulha Giant having scheduled shows.

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– Today presents itself as an option. Is it interesting to look at? Yes, interesting to look at keeping all options open. But it is too premature to say that we are going to one place or another.

“What we want is for the Cruzeirense to have a home, a fixed destination for the week and the weekend, and that we are not so subject to the variations of shows to fulfill our football calendar.”

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According to the project presented to the press by the city of Betim, the stadium would be built with the participation of a foreign investor, at a cost of around R$ 450 million. The resources would be completely private, without Cruzeiro’s participation. The municipality would cede the area. Cruzeiro would be entitled to around 80% of the ticket office of a match and could also explore cabins and bars on match days.

Gabriel Lima admits that the conditions, really being these, would be interesting even in relation to the negotiation with Mineirão, but he again asks for caution when analyzing the details of the project. Cruzeiro wants to have more revenue, wherever it is.

– Without a doubt (it would be important), but you have to understand. The business plan has not yet been presented to understand every detail of what this 80% share of net revenue would look like. It seems to me that it would be a lot, even. It would be very attractive, no doubt.

“What has to be clear is that we are looking for the best options for Cruzeiro and for the fans. Strengthening revenue means strengthening SAF, football, the institution, Cruzeiro. in Mineirão, in the arena in Betim, wherever.”

Mayor of Betim presents the place where a stadium would be built for Cruzeiro — Photo: Luciana Machado

Relationship with Mineirão

Despite Cruzeiro making it very clear their dissatisfaction with the current partnership model to play at Mineirão, Gabriel Lima says that the relationship with Minas Arena, the stadium’s administrator, is good. Since the beginning of the year, the club’s management has been talking to the company in an attempt to improve conditions for playing in the stadium, having even sent games at Independência to spend less.

– We have a healthy relationship with Minas Arena, a constant dialogue with them. We made a negotiation at the beginning because we understood that there were points to be adjusted. We still believe that we can improve a lot, because of what Cruzeiro represents. Within the representation of Cruzeiro, we want to be recognized and have our share in this history. The initial conversations were healthy, cordial, as they have been since then, smoothing the edges until we reached a common denominator.

Mineirão during the clash between Cruzeiro and Ponte Preta by the Brazilian — Photo: Guilherme Macedo/ ge

Gabriel Lima naturally treats the negotiations between the club and Mina Arena. The manager also recalls that there is a large debt between Cruzeiro and the company from previous years.

– They are defending their company, and we are defending Cruzeiro. Normal. It is part of the business discussion, of commercial relations. I do not judge the position of Minas Arena. Mineirão is one of Cruzeiro’s main creditors, who gambled and didn’t pay. But that also doesn’t mean that we have to accept any conditions. We hope to reach a common denominator, whatever that may be.

Ronaldo Fenômeno met with Romeu Zema, governor of Minas Gerais, last week, and the stadium was on the agenda. The club seeks help to improve the current conditions in relation to Mineirão, and the Government wants to at least reduce the costs it has with monthly transfers to Mina Arena, through the public-private partnership agreement signed in 2010.

5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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