Denounced, municipal prosecutor brutally beats female colleague in Registro

Attorney General Gabriela Samadello Monteiro de Barros, 39, was brutally assaulted by her co-worker, who is also a prosecutor. Demetrius Oliveira Macedo34 years old, within the Municipality of Registro, in the interior of the state of São Paulo.

A video shows the prosecutor throwing punches and kicks at the victim.

At the time, two women try to contain the aggressor. One of them gets pushed against a door. He then proceeds with offenses and aggression to the prosecutor, who asks for help. In a photo after the incident, Gabriela appears with a bloody face.

The crime took place during the afternoon of Monday the 20th, after the opening of an administrative proceeding against Demétrius because of his attitude in the work environment.

In a note, the Municipality of Registro informed that it has determined the suspension of the aggressor and says it is taking “the necessary measures”.

The municipal administration expressedthe most absolute and profound repudiation of brutal acts of violence carried out by the municipal prosecutor against the female municipal servant who performs the function of attorney-general of the municipality”.

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