Does Juma stay with Z Lucas in Pantanal? Remember how it was in the 1990 version

In 1990, Juma was played by Cristiana Oliveira and José Lucas was played by Paulo Gorgulho (photo: Reproduction)

The viewers of wetland I’m looking forward to knowing: Juma (Alanis Guillen) gets Z Lucas (Irandhir Santos)? Is the girl really going to leave Jove (Jesuta Barbosa)?

In fact, the ona will end the relationship with the boy. Jove returns from a trip and soon visits his beloved in the tapera, but everything goes wrong from there.

He insists on taking pictures of Juma and tries to convince her to come back to the farm. To give you an idea, he threatens to tear down the wild girl’s house. With ‘reiva’, Juma pulls out a gun, scares the boy with shots and ends it all.

With the end of the relationship, José Lucas will be like a ‘mange’ behind the girl, even though he knows he can become his brother’s biggest rival.

They almost fight, but the truck driver is not cornered and remains close to Juma. To get an idea, he declares himself and even tries to kiss her out.

Jove (Jesuta Barbosa) and Juma (Alanis Guillen) in Pantanal (photo: photo:)

Juma stays with Z Lucas?

But the famous kiss between Juma and Z Lucas doesn’t happen. In 1990, the boy tried in every way to win over the girl, but she was tough on the fall.

She even threatened to become a jaguar to escape the stranger, who did not give up on the plan. ‘Let me kiss you on the mouth? the most beautiful thing in the world!’, shot.

To the point of being abused by the firstborn of José LencioJuma was saved by the Old From Rio. The entity appeared and pushed Z Lucas. ‘Can’t you see she doesn’t want you? Go away!’ ordered. The boy became embarrassed and walked away from the woman who had become an jaguar.

Apparently, the same will happen in the Globo version. The curious thing is that, half in love with Juma, Z Lucas also begins to get involved with Sister (Camila Morgado), about to kiss the redhead.

Jos Lucas (Irandhir Santos) and Juma (Alanis Guillen) in Pantanal (photo: photo:)

Juma stays with who?

At the end of Pantanal, Juma stays with Jove. However, the couple goes through ups and downs. They get to get married, have a daughter, but everything only meshes in the last chapters of the soap opera.

In fact, their biggest challenge is to live with their differences. Young is a boy who doesn’t stick to one place and wants something more out of life. Juma, however, loves life in the bush.

If Globo follows the 1990 version, Jove will get involved with another woman in the midst of conflicts with Juma. He meets and dates Miriam during a rodeo.

Juma (Alanis Guillen) pregnant in Pantanal (photo: photo:)

Juma, in turn, has always admitted that he loves Jove. So, in the final stretch, they manage to make love speak louder.

Jove and Juma stay together. Z Lucas, in turn, stays with Irma, who ends up getting pregnant Trinity (Gabriel Sater). But Cramulho disappears into the world and José Lencio’s firstborn raises his son.

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