Eduardo Suplicy interrupts and causes embarrassment at PT event: ‘I was not invited’

São Paulo councilor delivered a basic income proposal, which he considered to have been ignored by the party

ROBERTO CASIMIRO/PHOTOARENA/PHOTOARENA/ESTADÃO CONTENDOPT leaders at an event to present the government plan for Lula's candidacy
Event marked the launch of guidelines for Lula’s government program

Sao Paulo councilor Eduardo Suplicyof ENcaused embarrassment this Tuesday, 21, during an event to launch the guidelines for the government program of Squid, from the same party. Aloud, Suplicy complained about not having been invited to the ceremony and the little attention that the universal basic income proposal, which he has defended for several years, had received from the party. “[Quero] deliver to Aloizio Mercadante the proposal that has not yet been considered, among the main items, the institution of a basic income for citizens, approved by all parties, sanctioned by President Lula and which has been in the PT program for many years, every year. He has something with me, he didn’t invite me to this meeting. Do you know who I heard about the meeting from? Last night. ‘Aren’t you going to the party meeting?’ I wasn’t invited, but today I’m here. And I will continue to work hard for Lula and Alckmin to institute the basic income of citizenship while I’m still alive”, said the former senator, standing outside the microphones. Mercadante, then, replied to Suplicy that the proposal would still be debated, as it is one of the 51 that were put forward by members of the coalition parties and that the government program is not completed. He also thanked the co-religionist for his presentation.

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