Elderly woman cries live on TV as she gives a sensitive account of hunger in RJ, and reporter doesn’t contain tears; watch

This Tuesday’s “RJ 1” (21) was marked by a heartbreaking live scene. A lady from the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro cried when talking about hunger, and how she has been facing difficulties to feed her family. Reporter Lívia Torres also couldn’t hold back her tears at the painful story.

Janete Evaristo was in line at Prato Feito Carioca, in the Andaraí region. The Rio city government program distributes meals to those who have nothing to eat, as was the case with the elderly woman, who lives in Morro dos Macacos. Unemployed, she has taken courses to try to find another job. At first, the interviewee got emotional when remembering family members who died recently.

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“Five [bocas para alimentar]. There were six of them with my daughter who died two years ago. And my husband also passed away six months ago.”, she said through tears. With the lady’s situation, the reporter tried to interrupt the interview. “We touched on a difficult point for you, I apologize”, commented Livia. But Dona Janete asked for the floor again to talk about the difficulty in feeding everyone in her house.

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Dona Janete cried when talking about hunger and the difficulty of feeding her family in “RJ 1”. (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

“Sunday we had nothing to eat. I’m unemployed, it’s very difficult. I’m picking up cans, but I can’t. I don’t have help from many people, so on Sunday we really didn’t have anything. It’s very, very difficult”said Dona Janete, wiping her wet eyes again.

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Lívia’s voice choked and also did not hide her emotion for the sadness of the situation. “Dona Janete, thank you kindly for your participation. I didn’t expect that to happen here either. It’s people who are hungry. People who are in need of food. Social projects, projects like this from the city hall, are very important so that people can eat. We are in 2022 and people need and have the right to eat”ended the journalist.

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According to the G1, data from the Mapa da Fome show that more than 1.2 million people in Rio de Janeiro cannot put enough food on the table, as is the case of Dona Janete. That alone is the equivalent of 6.8% of the local population. Going nationally, the 2nd National Survey on Food Insecurity in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Brazil (VIGISAN) pointed out that more than 33.1 million people (15.5% of Brazilians) suffer from hunger in our country. .

On social media, the scene moved thousands of people, who regretted this reality that afflicts Dona Janete. “Damn, Dona Janete, what a fucking life this country has offered to you and to so many people like you”wrote journalist William de Lucca. “Hunger hurts. The cry of Dona Janete is also that of more than 33 million Brazilians who have nothing to eat. This is inhumane and revolting! We need to put an end to this nefarious government that has only brought hunger and misery. Enough of all the backtracking!”said district deputy Fábio Felix.

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Funker MC Duduzinho even looked for ways to help the lady. “Heartbreaking. Anyone from Andaraí or Mangueira who knows Dona Janete? And get some contact”, he said. Viewers were also shaken by this testimony. “Even my mother and I cried with Dona Janete, as did the RJTV reporter, what a pain, losing her daughter then her husband, and in the middle of 2022 and a lady and a child going HUNGER, it’s like I read here, hunger of these people is not what we feel between one meal and another”said Amanda Brochinni.

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