Elderly woman cries live when talking about hunger and reporter gets emotional: ‘punch in the stomach’

In a live report on food insecurity on TV Globo’s “RJ1” program, an elderly woman cried when reporting her situation and that of her family. Identified as Dona Janete, she said she was unemployed and about the death of relatives.

In conversation with reporter Lívia Torres, Dona Janete also touched many internet users. “It’s five [pessoas em casa para comer]. There were six of them with my daughter who passed away, two years ago now, and my husband passed away too, six months ago,” she said, in tears.

The reporter intervened: “We touched on a difficult point for you, I apologize,” she said. The report was about the program Prato Feito Carioca do Andaraí, run by the Rio de Janeiro City Hall, which distributes meals to those in a situation of food insecurity.

Dona Janete took up the subject again, claiming she had no food at home.

“Sunday we didn’t have anything to eat. I’m unemployed, it’s very difficult. I’m picking up cans, but I can’t. I don’t have help from many people, so Sunday we really didn’t have anything. It’s very difficult”.

The reporter could not hide her emotion and, with a choked voice, ended the interview. “I kindly thank you for your participation. I didn’t expect this to happen here. It’s people who are starving, people who are in need of food, and social projects, projects like this [Prato Feito] from the city hall are very important so that these people can eat. We are in 2022 and people need and have the right to eat.”

The scene was commented on by several viewers on social media.

Faced with the repercussion, the reporter commented that mobilizations are already taking place to help Dona Janete.

“Dona Janete was a punch in the stomach. It hurts to know how many people are in the same situation, without dignity. She doesn’t have money to eat and she doesn’t have a cell phone either. well!) is at school. Nice to see so many supportive people!”, she wrote.

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