Fiat 147 zero km and with plastic in the seats is found in Argentina

cars abandoned they are a reality all over the world, but some examples exceed expectations and prove to be much more than a junkyard. The story of the time originates in Argentina. The curious detail is that, even being a Fiat 147 manufactured in 1987, the model was found on a farm in a state of zero kilometer. The instrument panel odometer reads only 702 km. The model even underwent restoration.

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O compact from the italian brand was found by the rarity hunters who run the Kaskote Instagram account. At first, despite the thick layer of dust, the model was flawless. No identification plates, there was plastic on the seats, dashboard and steering wheel in perfect condition. No wear and tear. Not rust. Even the red tone of the bodywork was intact. The engine just needed cleaning and, of course, an overhaul.

According to information, the copy belonged to a concessionaire in the province of Santa Fé. Closed in the 1980s, the establishment ended up not having time to sell a copy of the Fiat 147. The car, however, was left on a rural property, abandoned for 35 years, inside a shed, unused. On YouTube, the channel at full speed recently published the video (below) which, finally, shows the car in a state of 0 km.


In Brazil, the Fiat 147 arrived almost 46 years ago, on July 9, 1976. It was produced until 1987 when, then, it gave way to Fiat Uno in 1984. Made in Betim (MG), at first, the two-door compact was the Brazilian version of the Italian Fiat 127. Around here, however, it came with a 1,100 cc engine combined with a 4-speed manual gearbox. Innovative, the small hatch was the first Brazilian car with a 100% alcohol engine.

In Argentina, Sevel manufactured the models – later called space, brio and Vivace – until 1996. The space (like the example found) arrived in Brazil in 1982. It was, therefore, a more sophisticated version of the 147, with better finishing and visual changes, such as headlights, lanterns and bumpers. In parallel, the Oggi sedan.

fiat 147

In the neighboring country, the Spazio was in production between 1984 and 1991. Visually, it is almost the same as the Brazilian 147, except for the absence of windbreaks and mechanical changes. It even had a diesel version for the Argentine clientele. The Italian brand also set up its entry hatch in Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela, since, at the time, there was no Mercosur – and the import of cars in the region had barriers and restrictions.

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