Former pilot Emerson Fittipaldi has cars and trophies pawned by the SP Justice to pay off debt with event company | Sao Paulo

The Justice of São Paulo authorized the attachment of assets, such as cars and trophies, by Emerson Fittipaldi for the payment of a debt of the ex-pilot with an event organization company.

In the decision, signed last Tuesday (14), Judge Fabiana Marini, holder of the 35th Civil Court of the São Paulo Court of Justice, authorized the attachment to the payment of a debt of BRL 416,055.76 with the company Sax Logística de Shows e Eventos.

The judge responded to a request from Fittipaldi’s defense, which requested the suspension of the attachment, which was denied. THE defense claimed that the goods in question do not belong to the ex-driver, but to the Fittipaldi Museum.. However, as Fittipaldi’s office and the museum share the same address, the judge ruled that the attachment must be maintained “taking into account […] the evident patrimonial confusion”.

In September 2021, another judge had already authorized the attachment of a Fittipaldi vehicle that was blocked by the SP Justice in the same process.

According to information from gethe Fittipaldi Museum houses pieces such as a model car from Copersucar, a team created by him and his brother Wilson Fittipaldi in Formula 1, and another from the Penske team, with which the former driver won the Indianapolis 500 and the title of 1989 IndyCar Formula.

First Brazilian Formula 1 and IndyCar champion, Emerson Fittipaldi is the target of more than 60 lawsuits at the São Paulo Court of Justice. The debts total more than R$ 27 million and were the result of the former pilot’s business in recent decades.

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