Gabriel Monteiro should be indicted for sexual crime, says delegate

posted on 06/21/2022 20:07

  (credit: Reginaldo Pimenta/Estadão Content)

(credit: Reginaldo Pimenta/Estadão Content)

Delegate Luis Maurício Armond Campos, from the 42nd DP (Recreio dos Bandeirantes), confirmed this Tuesday afternoon, the 21st, in a statement to the Ethics and Decorum Council of the City Council of Rio, that councilor Gabriel Monteiro (PL) knew that was recording a sexual relationship with a minor and that the investigation that deals with the matter should indicate the practice of an alleged sexual crime, according to the rapporteur of the case, councilor Chico Alencar (PSOL). Armond and military police officer Pablo Foligno, lent to Monteiro’s office by the Casa, were heard as witnesses in Monteiro’s defense.

Armond is responsible for the criminal investigation that investigates the dissemination of a video of the councilman having sex with a minor.

“The delegate of 42 confirmed that the investigation that addresses the issue that violently offends the Statute of Children and Adolescents of Minors is partially concluded with the measurement of sexual crime, the knowledge that she was a minor, the science by part of the councilor, the filming and storage, which in themselves, according to the delegate, already constitute a crime”, affirmed Alencar.

According to the rapporteur of the case that could lead to the impeachment of Gabriel Monteiro, other investigations for alleged embezzlement, coercion and a preliminary investigation for rape are in progress.

“There are still other investigations underway on the embarrassment of minors, coercion of witnesses, bribery, embezzlement and a preliminary investigation, because witnesses are still lacking at the headquarters of the investigation, of rape. It is a scenario with some substantive evidentiary elements, said the delegate. investigations are in progress”, he said.

The councilor responds for alleged crimes of rape, harassment and manipulation of videos on social networks.

After giving testimony for about two hours, Luis Armond stated that the investigations must be concluded within thirty days: “There has already been an indictment regarding the filming of a minor. Regarding the other facts, the evidence is still being evaluated and the factual context. The exposure of vulnerable people, coercion in the course of the process, embezzlement, in relation to the use of servers in functions different from what they should have, is being investigated”, he said.

The councilman’s defense, represented by lawyer Gabriel Lima, says that the young woman filmed in a sexual relationship with the councilor “always told” to the parliamentarian that she was 18 years old at the time of their relationship.

“The statement was concise in the sense that it affirmed that the minor’s statement was taken within what is determined by law. The statement, contained in her statement, in which she claims that she always told Councilman Gabriel Monteiro that she was 18 years old. This was a The police authority also states that the ongoing investigations were based on the accusations of former advisors who have been making the same accusations since the beginning”, he said.

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