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THE Bahia is the Brazilian state with the most expensive liter in Gasoline common, considering the average price of R$ 8,037, according to the most recent survey by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP)held between the 12th and 18th of June.

The maximum price for a liter of gasoline in the country, however, is not at the stations in Bahia, but in the capital of Rio de Janeiro: Cariocas paid BRL 8,990 per liter of gasoline during the survey period.

The State in which the fuel is cheaper is amapá, with an average price of R$ 6,443. The minimum amount paid in the country in the period was R$ 6,170, in the city of Assis, in the interior of Sao Paulo.

Check the average prices of a liter of gasoline in each state:

  • Acre: BRL 7,602
  • Alagoas: BRL 7,278
  • Amapá: BRL 6,443
  • Amazon: BRL 7,307
  • Bahia: BRL 8,037
  • Ceará: BRL 7,404
  • Federal District: BRL 7,523
  • Espírito Santo: BRL 7,297
  • Goiás: BRL 7,409
  • Maranhão: BRL 7,052
  • Mato Grosso: BRL 6.99
  • Mato Grosso do Sul: BRL 7.009
  • Minas Gerais: BRL 7.46
  • Pará: BRL 7,257
  • Paraíba: BRL 7,038
  • Paraná: BRL 7,247
  • Pernambuco: BRL 7,453
  • Piauí: BRL 7.89
  • Rio de Janeiro: BRL 7.77
  • Rio Grande do Norte: BRL 7,368
  • Rio Grande do Sul: BRL 6.88
  • Rondônia: BRL 7,214
  • Roraima: BRL 7,034
  • Santa Catarina: BRL 7.055
  • São Paulo: BRL 6,829
  • Sergipe: BRL 7.27
  • Tocantins: BRL 7,469

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