Gkay goes back to being a brunette after invasion and ‘revenge’ by Lucas Rangel: ‘I’m finding myself strange’ – Entertainment

Gkay is a new woman! At least that’s what the influencer’s followers are saying this Wednesday (22).

After receiving criticism of the visualGkay is now without the blonde lace wig and has painted her eyebrows, which were discolored.

All this happened through an intervention by influencer Lucas Rangel, who broke into Gkay’s house to “take revenge”.

The story began when influencer Isaías took a necklace from Lucas and sold it to Gkay, as a joke.

The comedian then went on to ask her followers for tips on what to do with her new necklace. Lucas left Belo Horizonte and went to São Paulo to seek his revenge, entering Gkay’s house and managing to get her to take off her wig, which generated so much criticism on the web.

When he announced that he was going to Gkay’s house, Lucas Rangel even received support from Anitta: “Throw black ink on the blonde lace. Steal her lace, Rangel.”

Gkay’s transformation process was documented by them in lives on social media, seen by more than 200,000 people.

After the complete change, Gkay said that he was finding everything strange: “After two hours… I came back, guys. Thank you, but I came back. We did live, I left everything safe there. Guys, that’s crazy. I’m feeling very strange. It feels like I came out of a swimming pool and melted.”

Check out the lives below and see the reactions on social media.

Warning: Images may contain inappropriate language.

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