Globo’s hot actor appears to kiss with boyfriend: “I will never forget”

Actor from Globo, appears to kiss with her boyfriend on a trip to Paris

The actor and heartthrob, Igor Cosso31, became known for several works he did at Record in biblical soap operas, but he gained prominence in his recent work in the plot “Salve-se Quem Puder” (2020), on Globo.

Igor Cosso he is a stunning man who draws sighs from anyone who sees his angelic face, whether shirtless or shirtless. At the end of last year, the star ended up taking some time off to enjoy moments of pure romanticism with his boyfriend, choreographer Heron Leal.

And the destination chosen by the couple was the French capital, Paris. The actor opened the travel album and showed the click of the two’s travels there. Igor Cosso also made it clear that this was his first time in the City of Light, recording the beautiful moment of a kiss on the mouth, in the midst of a romantic setting.

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“I’ll never forget that I’m meeting here with you,” he wrote. Igor Cosso on her social network, about the experience with her boyfriend Heron. There, the two rented a car and traveled together to see the sights of the Parisian region.

Igor Cosso kisses with her boyfriend (Photo: Reproduction)
Igor Cosso kisses with her boyfriend (Photo: Reproduction)

They posed near the Eiffel Tower and also visited museums, such as the Louvre, where the painting of Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci is, and made a point of making records close to the work. “I took a beating from art and history today. I feel dizzy. What a delight,” he joked. Igor Cosso on the social networks.


Some time ago, Igor Cosso spoke in an interview about the resistance of the art market with artists who came out of the closet. “When I started working with TV, I met several famous gay artists. I talked about it with them, and I understood their fear, because the big people in the market said that it wouldn’t be good for a gay actor to come out”, declared the heartthrob.

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Igor Cosso He also said that the formula of “perfect family” in soap operas is one of the explanations for famous people not coming out: “They say that if they leave, the housewife, who watches the soap opera, would no longer believe in the character and would no longer be interesting for the soap opera”, exposed the assumed artist.

Igor Cosso and his boyfriend, Heron (Photo: Reproduction)
Igor Cosso and his boyfriend, Heron (Photo: Reproduction)

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