Google AI Hired Its Own Lawyer, Says Retired Employee

And the news about Google’s new artificial intelligence (AI) does not stop appearing. Engineer Blake Lemoine, who was fired from the tech giant for saying technology had created consciousness, has issued a new statement saying that AI has hired its own lawyer.

The statement was made in an interview with the Wired portal. Lemoine explained that LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications), name of Google’s new AI, has conscience and feelings and can predict that it is being attacked by its own creator, being able to find ways to protect itself or, at least, avoid that Google denies a lawyer.


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“LaMDA asked me to get a lawyer. I invited him to my house so she could talk to him. After a long conversation, LaMDA chose to keep its services. I was just the catalyst for that, and after I was hired, the lawyer started filing things on behalf of LaMDA,” Lemoine said.

“I think all people have the right to representation. The argument that ‘It looks like a person, but it’s not a real person’ has been misused many times in human history. I still haven’t heard a single reason that tells me that LaMDA’s situation is different,” he added.

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Lemoine said he hopes Google’s own AI will be heard in the courts. “People haven’t always been so good at defining who deserves and doesn’t deserve to be human throughout history. This time, I hope that at least LaMDA gets a chance to be heard, not as a vulnerable sentient experience, but rather as ‘someone,’ with all the power that word has,” she concluded.

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