Has arrived! Daughter of Juliano Cazarré is born with a rare pathology in São Paulo: “Warrior”

Maria Guilhermina, Juliano Cazarré’s fifth daughter, had to undergo surgical intervention after giving birth; Look

The actor Juliano Cazarre announced this Wednesday (22) the birth of her fifth child, little Maria Guilhermina. The girl was born in the capital of São Paulo with a specialized team, because since pregnancy, doctors have identified that the little girl suffers from a rare heart disease.

Fruit of the artist’s marriage with Letícia Cazarré, the little girl was diagnosed with Ebstein’s Anomaly, a congenital cardiopathology. Overall, the delivery of Maria went well, but she needed to be taken to the operating room for a heart repair on her first day of life.

On Instagram, Juliano Cazarre detailed the events and assured that the heiress is recovering perfectly. “Dear friends and family, it is with great joy and love that we announce the arrival of our little Maria Guilhermina de Guadalupe Bastos Cazarré, last Tuesday, June 21, at 8:30 am, in São Paulo. Maria Guilhermina arrived with a special heart, also expanding our hearts and those of everyone around you!”he began.

About the disease, the actor explained the need for surgery and clarified his daughter’s rare diagnosis: “In the prenatal exams, we discovered that she would have a rare congenital heart disease, called Ebstein’s Anomaly. During her pregnancy, the doctors realized that her case would be one of the rarest and most serious within the anomaly and, therefore, we decided to come to São Paulo so that she could be born with the most specialized team. She was born very well, she surprised everyone with great strength and health! But her case called for an immediate surgical intervention and, thus, our little warrior spent her first day of life doing an important repair in the heart”.

“The surgery went well, she is stable and continues to recover and receives the best care. Her doctors and specialists are true heroes, and we are happy and calm to have such a well-prepared and dedicated team. nothing, thank you for the constant support, affection and prayers, which have been fundamental to keep us calm and firm at this moment. Our hearts are full of joy and trust! Maria Guilhermina is the most beautiful thing!”, he continued, feeling relief after the tense moments in motherhood.

To finish, Juliano Cazarre he was hopeful and already foreseeing the meeting of the little girl with the rest of the family he built with his wife: “We will continue to take care of everything so that, soon, we can take her home, where her brothers Vicente, Inacio, Gaspar and Maria Madalena eagerly await her! We count on everyone’s prayers. Sincerely, Letícia and Juliano Cazarré”.


The actress Viviane Araújo showed this Wednesday (22) a special moment of pregnancy.

In a video on social media, the first-time mom caught the baby Joaquim moving and making the belly move too.

I’m already awake, mom“, she joked in text in the images, which reveal the little one very agitated inside the belly of the muse of Carnival.


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