Hate-fueled act of love

The defeat of São Paulo to Palmeiras, yesterday, for the Brazilian Championship was marked by the revolt of the fan MC Rodriguinho do Marapé in the stands of Morumbi. At the end of the match, the tricolor took his team’s shirt from his heart and threw it on the lawn. Today, in an interview with Rádio Bandeirantes, the musician explained his reaction.

The fan said that throwing the shirt was the way he found to vent his frustration at the turn in the final minutes of the second half. This, however, was not the first time that the musician discounted the bad result of São Paulo in clothes.

“It was a spontaneous act, showing all my indignation with the situation that the team arrived, with the cowardice that the team presented in the second half. Rogério left Calleri isolated. Then when Palmeiras was putting pressure on he put another defender. gets lost by playing forward, but never retreating”, began Rodriguinho to the program “Esporte em Debate”.

“I threw the shirt on the sacred lawn of Morumbi, the staff took it and gave it back to me. The shirt is with me, it will be my amulet from now on and it never leaves me again. This shirt is from Libertadores 2016, for you to see how much she has suffered with me”, added the musician.

Rodriguinho also said that he suffered “hate” on the internet for playing the São Paulo shirt, but that many São Paulo people identified with the act in the last Choque-Rei. The musician also revealed that it was not the first time he “got rid” of a shirt after a game with Rogério Ceni’s team.

“There are a lot of people cursing me, but the vast majority are supporting me, saying they felt represented. At no time did I want to disrespect the club, on the contrary, the club that has been disrespecting the fans. That was a spontaneous act. always the same reaction, I’m looking for something to vent. I’ve already lost several shirts, not from São Paulo. I’ve done it in my room. It was an act of love driven by hate”, he said.

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