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Football is no longer the Brazilian’s only passion. After 2 years of a pandemic, interest in other modalities has increased a lot. Running, triathlon and beach tennis are some of the most popular sports in Brazil besides football. But it’s not enough just to practice, to avoid injuries you have to prepare.

A common mistake is to think that specific preparation is only for professionals, that it is enough to attend traditional gyms or studios that focus on a more general orientation and are usually more focused on aesthetics.

This is a big mistake, which most of the time, ends up causing injuries and taking people out of the sport. The activities practiced in traditional gyms usually do not contemplate the specific movements required in the sport and the physical characteristics and capabilities of each person.

Guilherme Conde, physical trainer at Special One, explains that “Physical Preparation is a systematic and planned sequence of movements, which have specific objectives. It must be done with supervision because only the physical trainer can determine the ideal intensity, duration, loads, delimit the objectives according to the profile and physical state of each person. These exercises seek to improve sport skills and physical capabilities, such as resistance, strength, flexibility, mobility and speed, fundamental factors for increased performance and injury prevention.”

When playing sports, you have to be careful with injuries

Currently it is estimated that between 5 and 11 million people practice running on the streets, whether to lose weight, to face a personal challenge or simply to have more health. Just look at the parks, bike paths and sidewalks in the early morning or late afternoon.

Street running is the most democratic sport there is, almost anyone can practice it. But to avoid injuries and health problems, it is recommended initially to seek a sports doctor in order to perform clinical and laboratory tests. If all is well for running, the second step is to consult a sports physiotherapist to assess muscle imbalances and help you choose the most appropriate shoe for the moment.

It may not seem like it, but street racing has a high rate of musculoskeletal injuries. Therefore, practitioners need qualified monitoring, with adequate training schedules and also preventive work guided by a sports physiotherapist and physical trainer.

Another very important factor in preparing for runners is the running biomechanical analysiswhich demonstrates to the runners their movement characteristics, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

By balancing, strengthening and preparing the body for the race, the beginner athlete, amateur or professional, not only increases his performance but also decreases the chances of recurring injuries.

sand sports

According to estimates by the Brazilian Tennis Confederation, there are 600,000 beach tennis players in the country, most of them amateurs. In addition, the high demand for the sport is attracting the attention of sponsors, who are increasingly investing in tournaments, whether for amateurs or professionals.

Although the sand offers 20% more resistance to movement and enhances the physical conditioning and lung capacity of practitioners, the sport can also injure the practitioner.

Brazil is one of the great powers of this sport, but it is very important to be prepared to surrender to this modality safely and minimize the risk of injury. exercises of tissue releasemobility and sport-specific activations are essential to prepare the body.

Physiotherapy is also a strong ally. It is necessary to integrate an injury prevention program with a physical therapist into the routine, associated with a training plan prepared by a physical trainer where both will have mastery of the demands required by the sport and control of training loads.

Even as a hobby, you need to have good preparation

The fitness wave and the passion for sports bring many advantages, but it is necessary to pay attention to physical preparation so that healthy life does not become an obstacle due to injuries and pain.

The practice of physical activities is strongly recommended by doctors. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends 150 to 300 minutes of moderate exercise a week for people between the ages of 18 and 65.

It is important to note that it is not just professional athletes who need follow-up, whether physical therapy or physical preparation. Beginners and amateurs also need care to avoid body pain and injuries during training.

Disclosure / Special One
(Photo: Disclosure / Special One)

7 principles of physical exercise

Physical exercises follow 7 principles that must be respected when practicing a sport, such as those presented below.

  1. biological individuality: is the biological potential of each individual
  2. Adaptation: the evolution of physical conditioning occurs gradually according to the presented stimuli;
  3. Overload or gradualness: the athlete evolves as there is a gradual increase in stimuli;
  4. continuity or maintenance: it is not enough to just conquer the physical form, it is necessary to maintain it;
  5. specificity: specific training according to the objective to be achieved;
  6. Variability: seek diversification of stimuli to avoid monotony;
  7. Interdependence of volume vs intensity: according to the training goals, it is necessary to balance volume and intensity, thus improving performance.

Seek the guidance of a professional

To ensure good results in training, prevent injuries and have longevity in the sport, it is essential to have specific preparation.

Special One is an integrated training and physiotherapy center, both for rehabilitation and for the strengthening and development of sports practice.

In this way, rehabilitation, injury prevention and body strengthening of beginner, amateur and professional athletes are worked on. The work is done respecting the individuality, goals and routine of each person. After all, each case is different.

There are those who are sedentary and have the need to practice a walk, a run or any other physical activity starting from scratch. There are still those who are injured and need physical rehabilitation to get back into training. And others who already train on their own, but want to improve their performance.

Physiotherapists and physical trainers work together, always aligning the best strategy to achieve the best results. With the help of cutting-edge technology, professionals identify the imbalances, strengths, weaknesses and factors that lead to injuries and, from there, create an individualized plan.

In everyday life we ​​climb stairs, get up and sit down, walk and run. In sport we accelerate, brake, jump and spin. Special One identifies what needs to be improved in each one, always looking to work the body as a whole.

Special One is the ideal place for everyone who wants to have a stronger and healthier body, preventing injuries and longevity in sport.

Special One Specialties

Special One acts as follows:

Biomechanical Analysis

It is an analysis that identifies strengths and weaknesses in the movement pattern and directs physiotherapy/physical work. At Special One, it is performed by the physical therapist and the physical trainer jointly, through orthopedic and movement tests, using associated technologies such as RunScribe and the SkillRun 7,000 treadmill by Technogym.

The objective is to measure the needs of each person in a quantitative and qualitative way and correct basic movement patterns by improving functions, reducing imbalances and muscular compensations.

Biomechanical Analysis of Running

This analysis identifies the running pattern, type of step/gait, among other factors. Its objective is to measure muscle imbalances and shortenings that may impair the range of motion and generate future injuries, since running is a cyclical activity that greatly overloads the body structures.

Physical training

Training, control and development of skills required in sports are some of the objectives of physical training.

The focus is on improving performance, preventing injuries, promoting well-being and health through muscle strengthening and balance.

Physiotherapy Analysis

It is the analysis performed by the physical therapist in case of pain or injury of the patient. It is important to define the use of therapeutic strategies. Orthopedic and movement tests are used in order to quantitatively and qualitatively measure individual needs.


Physiotherapy is performed through therapeutic exercises and modern treatment resources to relieve pain and return to daily activities. The work can happen in several phases and stages according to the needs of each patient and degree of injury. Pre-operative / post-operative physiotherapy, for pain relief and preventive are some examples of physiotherapy performed at Special One.


Recovery is another specialty presented by Special One that uses pneumatic boots, manual releases, among other techniques that help in tissue and joint regeneration of the most demanded areas in physical activities.

Get to know Special One

Do you want to know more how to improve your quality of life, your performance in sport, strengthening the body and preventing injuries? Visit Special One in the São Bento neighborhood, in Belo Horizonte, or contact us via WhatsApp to learn about all the solutions.

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