“If they weren’t there, he would have beaten me to death”, says prosecutor assaulted in Registro

Injured and traumatized, the attorney general of the municipality of Registro, in Vale do Ribeira, Gabriela Samadello, 39, said that if she hadn’t had the help of more people when being attacked by a colleague and also attorney Demétrius de Macedo, could have died from the blows. “I think it’s a very serious thing, if people weren’t there to help me, fatally, I wouldn’t be there to tell this story, he would have beaten me to death.”

The attacks took place inside a city hall room and images show the sequence of punches and kicks against Gabriela Samadello, 39, who was left with injuries, mainly to the head. Other women tried to hold the aggressor who had worked with Gabriela at the Public Prosecutor’s Office for nine years and had been her subordinate since the beginning of this year.

“I was violently hit by an elbow to the head, I was thrown against the wall. At that, he came at me and started beating me in the corner of the wall, he kicked my head a lot, he kicked my whole body”, she said.

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Gabriela believes that Demetrius did not accept having a woman as his boss and claims that she had recently opened a case against him for mistreating a public prosecutor. “He had already harassed another employee of ours, we had had a conversation about it, he was super aggressive, he kicked me out of his office when I tried to talk. I don’t know if it was because I requested the investigation of these facts.”

The Prefecture of Registration removed the prosecutor from his duties on Tuesday (21), with suspension of salary payment. The case was registered at the Women’s Police Station. Demetrius testified and was released. He claimed he was being morally harassed, according to police. He will answer for contempt and bodily harm.

Even with the prosecutor removed from the case, Gabriela says she doesn’t feel safe. “I’m traumatized, afraid to leave the house alone, feeling fragile, sore, I had a lot of headache, difficulty eating,” she says.

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