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Cemig plaque at the state-owned company's headquarters in Belo Horizonte
The average effect for the consumer, according to Aneel, will be 8.80% (photo: Lenadro Couri/EM/DA Press)

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) authorized Companhia Energtica de Minas Gerais SA (Cemig) to make adjustments to energy tariffs. According to the state-owned mining company, the new values ​​will take effect from this Wednesday (22/6).

For residential customers, the increase will be 5.22%, while for high voltage customers, such as large businesses and industries, the increase will be 14.31%. For low voltage locations, which include stores, public lighting and rural properties, the rate was 6.23%.

The measure will affect around 8.8 million consumer units in Minas Gerais, in the 774 municipalities supplied by Cemig. The average effect for the consumer, according to Aneel, will be 8.80%.

How is the readjustment value set?

The Brazilian energy agency reported that the calculation of the tax process considers the proposed regulation of the tariff component (CDE Mocidade Eletrobras), which deals with the inclusion of contributions in the Energy Development Account (CDE), resulting from the capitalization process of Eletrobras.

Another factor considered in the reduction of the tariff, according to Aneel, was PL 1,280/2022 approved earlier this month by the National Congress, which regulates the return of tax credits, collected in excess by the providers.

Cemig stated that it has not readjusted the tariff for residential customers for two years

Cemig reported that, in 2020 and 2021, there was no tariff readjustment for the company’s residential customers, as, in these two years, it returned approximately R$ 2.2 billion. In all, according to the state-owned company, around R$ 5 billion have already been returned to customers in tariff readjustments in the last three years, which, with this anticipation, reduced the impact of the readjustment.

Furthermore, in a note, Cemig said that the tariffs of all Brazilian distributors are established by Aneel, and that the announcement of the readjustment was given on the Tuesday before May 28, which is the date set for the application of new tariffs. from Cemig. “However, Aneel extended the validity of the mining company’s tariffs for 15 days, on two occasions in the last few weeks”.

Of the amount charged in the tariff, Cemig stated that 23.1% stays with the state-owned company and is intended to remunerate the investment, cover asset depreciation and other costs. “The remaining 76.9% are used to cover sectoral charges (16.1%), taxes paid to the Federal and State Governments (27.3%), purchased energy (26%), transmission charges (7%) and revenues irrecoverable (0.5%)”.

social rate

According to Cemig, more than 1 million customers have already benefited from the Social Electricity Tariff. The discount of up to 65% on the energy tariff of the electricity bill is intended for families enrolled in social programs of the Federal Government.

For indigenous and quilombola communities, the discount can reach 100% on the electricity bill. If previously the families enrolled in these programs had to apply for registration in the Social Electricity Tariff, as of January of this year, the benefit began to be automatically accounted for.

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