Inter prepares Vitão’s stay after new FIFA resolution and finalizes details with Shakthar | International

Talks with the eastern European club, holder of the rights to the 22-year-old defender, have advanced in recent hours and optimism reigns behind the scenes in Colorado. The expectation is for the positive outcome by the end of this week.

Vitão starts in the defense of Mano Menezes — Photo: Ricardo Duarte/Inter

Before FIFA’s decision, President Alessandro Barcellos was studying alternatives to expand the defender’s bond and opened the possibility for a “new contract”. Plan B would be to compose a different business model with Shakthar: a loan, regardless of the outcome of the conflict, or even the purchase of part of the economic rights.

– We took the risk together with the athlete (for the three-month contract), who expressed an interest in staying. Depending on the decision, we will go one way, which is to maintain the current contract, or to attempt a new one. It doesn’t just depend on Inter – explained Alessandro Barcellos.

The favorable scenario dissipates the mistrust that hovered over the developments of the return of football in Ukraine. The Federation received the endorsement of Volodymyr Zelensky, president of the country, to compete in the tournament in another headquarters.

Awaiting the officialization of the future, Vitão shows joy when wearing the red colors. The quick adaptation gave the player the title in the defensive sector under the command of Mano Menezes. So far, he has played 12 matches, 11 of which are in a row as the owner of the position, with a goal scored.

Vitão, Mano Menezes' new starter, tells about his escape from the war and his moment at Inter

Vitão, Mano Menezes’ new starter, tells about his escape from the war and his moment at Inter

Vitão was an indication of the Club’s Athlete Analysis and Prospecting Center (Capa). Revealed by Palmeiras, the boy was sold to the Ukrainian club in 2019 for 4 million euros (about R$18.3 million at the time price) and with a contract until June 2024.

– I’m very happy here. I’m focused on what I have to do. I try not to think too much about what might happen after June 30th. If it’s to stay, I’m prepared to contribute as best I can. I’m focused, I’m not thinking too much. Let’s see what can happen – said Vitão in a recent interview with ge.

Parallel to Vitão’s situation, the direction is studying invest in hiring a new defender, as anticipated by ge. Names of Juan Jesus, ex-Inter, and Adryelson, who belongs to Sport, were debated internally. Jemerson was also on the agenda, but closed with Atlético-MG.

With the departure of Bruno Méndez, Mano Menezes now has four alternatives for the defense. Vitão, Mercado, Moledo and Kaique Rocha. Besides them, the boys Dedé and Lucas Ryan have been training with the main group and pleasing the coach. Tiago Barbosa was recently traded with CSKA, from Bulgaria.

– We’re working on it internally. It is a situation that is under analysis and is linked to Vitão’s decision in the next 15 days. From there, we will have a little more tranquility or the need for a replacement for the sequence of championships – concluded Barcellos.

Inter president announces that he ended the negotiation to have Bruno Méndez

Inter president announces that he ended the negotiation to have Bruno Méndez

Contractual status of Inter defenders:

  • Bruno Méndez – June 30, 2022 (returns to Corinthians)
  • Vitão – June 30, 2022 (under negotiation)
  • Market – December 31, 2022
  • Moledo – December 31, 2022
  • Kaique Rocha – June 30, 2023

Without Gabriel Mercado suspended, Mano should promote the return of Rodrigo Moledo alongside Vitão for the next round of the Brasileirão. Inter returns to the field on Friday, at 9:30 pm, in Beira-Rio, against Coritiba.

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