IR 2022: Revenue opens consultations on the 2nd batch of refunds this Thursday; R$ 6.3 billion will be paid | Income tax

The IRS reported that it will open this Thursday (23), from 10 am, consultations on the second batch of income tax refund 2022, for the base year 2021.

In total, the lot will be paid to 4.25 million taxpayers, and refunds total R$ 6.3 billion. The resources will be deposited on June 30.

Consultations on the so-called residual lots from previous years will also be released, that is, taxpayers who fell into the fine mesh but later settled their accounts with the lion.

Inquiries can be made:

  • on the Revenue page on the internet;
  • in the Revenue app for tablets and smartphones.

Of the total amount of the second batch of IR, R$ 2.7 billion will be paid to taxpayers with legal priority:

  • elderly people over 80 years old (87,401);
  • taxpayers between 60 and 79 years old (675,495);
  • taxpayers with a physical or mental disability or serious illness (48,913);
  • taxpayers whose main source of income is teaching (661,831).

The taxpayer will be able to know, when carrying out the consultation, whether or not there are pending issues that prevent the payment of the refund, that is, if he has fallen into the so-called “fine mesh”.

To find out if it’s in the fine mesh, taxpayers can also access the Income Tax “statement” on the Federal Revenue’s website at the so-called e-CAC (Virtual Service Center).

To access the IR statement, it is necessary to use the access code generated on the Federal Revenue website itself, or a digital certificate issued by an authorized authority.

  • See the step by step of the IR statement

Refunds for declarations that present inconsistency (in a mesh situation) are released only after they have been corrected by the citizen, or after the taxpayer presents proof that his declaration is correct.

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