Is buying a used iPhone worth it?

The smartphone is part of people’s lives and can be considered an essential item at work. However, an iPhone 13 costs around R$7,599.00, which is not affordable for most Brazilians, who prefer to buy older devices.

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The advantage of looking for older models is to spend less on their acquisition, but the cost benefit must be observed. That’s because the iOS update only occurs on the cell phone from 4 to 6 years old, so after that period it starts to become obsolete, prevented from using certain tools.

What’s the biggest problem with keeping an old iPhone to save on purchase?

One of the biggest problems with having an iPhone that doesn’t receive updates for its operating system is the inability to update apps. That way, any news from WhatsApp or Instagram, for example, you won’t have access to easily.

The iPhone 13 is the latest release for sale by the brand and presents and will evolve until iOS 21, stopping in 2027. Products that have been out of the market for more than seven years no longer update and have little usability compared to the modern versions released. recently.

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