‘It was once a hopeless disease, today it is not like this’, says doctor about Guta Stresser’s multiple sclerosis – News

THE multiple sclerosisillness with which the actress Guta Stresser revealed to have been diagnosed in 2020, was considered limiting for a long time, since there were no highly effective drugs for its treatment. The also actress Claudia Rodrigues lives with the problemwhich she discovered in 2000.

Today, the reality is different, as explained by neurologist Aline MB Matos, from Hospital Santa Paula and a specialist in multiple sclerosis. “It used to be a hopeless disease, today it is no longer like that. We need to demystify that from a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis the patient will be in a wheelchair and bedridden. the patient’s day.”

In Brazil, the Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) it has already approved at least 14 drugs against the disease, the first of them in 2004. The treatments are offered both in the SUS (Unified Health System) and in the supplementary health system, by health plans.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, autoimmune disease. “In multiple sclerosis, areas of myelin — the substance that covers most nerve fibers — and nerve fibers in the brain, optic nerves and spinal cord are damaged or destroyed,” according to the MSD Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment.

The drugs do not prevent 100% the degeneration of cells in the nervous system, however, they act on inflammation and “help prevent the immune system from attacking the myelin sheaths”, says the manual.

Even with important advances in treatment, the neurologist agrees that the disease “has consequences that are not interesting” and explains the symptoms: “In general, patients present a neurological outbreak that varies from loss of visual acuity, tingling sensation in parts of the body, even the feeling of loss of strength, incoordination. This flare-up or acute event that appears can progress from 48 hours to a week, and initially it doesn’t go away,” she says.

Bebel’s interpreter The big family told Veja magazine: “I started to forget very basic words, like glass and chair. If I stayed still for two hours watching a movie on TV, I would soon feel muscle pain. I had frequent tingling in my feet and hands, very strong migraines and mood swings. The worst was a constant ringing in the ear.”

The diagnosis of the disease is made from the association of clinical analysis, magnetic resonance imaging of the skull, cervical and thoracic spinal cord and the collection of cerebrospinal fluid, the cerebrospinal fluid of the person with suspicion of the disease. Guta found out after going to an otolaryngologist and doing the imaging tests.

Because of its varied symptoms, multiple sclerosis can be confused with other health problems. “The most common is for patients to have a type of outbreak that we consider mild and this to be confused with an anxiety outbreak. Another thing that confuses a lot is that the patient is suffering a stroke (cerebrovascular accident)”, highlights Aline.

In addition to drugs, it is recommended that diagnosed patients develop activities that help neuroplasticity, which is the ability of neurons — cells of the nervous system — to regenerate.

Among the activities are physical exercises and cognitive stimulation. Guta started doing yoga and crossword puzzles to exercise his brain. But the doctor points out that common activities already help with cognition.

“The more the patient is exposed to activities that lead to mental effort, the more he will also achieve cognitive development. The orientation is basically to intensify reading and social interaction activities”, concludes Aline.

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