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Jesus Luz denies rumors that Aline Campos would have been pivotal in his separationPlayback / Instagram

Published 06/21/2022 11:40 | Updated 06/21/2022 11:53

Rio – Jesus Luz used social media this Tuesday morning to deny rumors that his current girlfriend, Aline Campos, would have been pivotal in the end of his marriage to Carol Ramiro. On Instagram, the model posted a series of storiesin order to clarify the rumors and counter the hateful messages received by the actress.

“I think it’s important to clarify things. Carol is a person I respect a lot, she’s my daughter’s mother. We built a story together, it wasn’t an easy relationship, because she caught me at a very immature stage. We developed together. Separation will never be an easy and simple thing, no matter how much consideration and affection there is. Someone will always leave with a bruised ego, or several people will leave. This is normal”, began Jesus.

“I think these are a little unfair. haters on top of Aline. People take sides and are one-sided, they don’t even want to hear. The person who is hateful on the internet chose to judge, not interested in your argument […] Aline never disrespected her [Carol], she was always my friend. I always called her to be with us, but she was never friends with Carol. There was always respect. And she never flirted with me, never crossed any kind of boundary, any situation that could affect my marriage to Carol,” she said.

Then, the model confirmed that his previous relationship was already worn out, due to numerous disagreements and therefore, it would end anyway. “What they’re saying is childish. People just deduce, jump to conclusions and choose to create a soap opera ‘story’ in their heads. Aline has nothing to do with the end of my separation. Carol and I were already separating us, coming and going, fighting. Despite all the love, affection, consideration, desire to make it work and love for our daughter. We went through very difficult times and many of those were the ones I caused, lack of maturity on my part. I take it calmly. I always fought hard to evolve, overcome and try to be the ideal husband for her. There was always something missing between us, and there came a time when it came to an end. It’s natural. We closed a cycle in which one helped a lot the other. There was a lot of disagreement, but there was a lot of love.”

The DJ revealed that his ex-wife is already in a new relationship and this made him feel comfortable to move on with his new relationship. “Saying that Aline was a pivot? I’ve broken up with Carol a million times, we’ve broken up several times. I’ve had other relationships in these separations, however short they were. people break up. But this time I got involved with someone in a short time, but Carol also broke up and less than a month she was already getting involved with someone else. I don’t know if she’s in love, if she’s dating. She opened it up to From the moment she opened it up to me, she gave me the green light to move on with my life, I think it makes sense. From the moment she’s with another guy, I can be with another woman.”

“I’m a guy full of flaws. I was wrong a lot with Carol, but I was right, too. I brought her with me, I held her hand, just like she did for me. It was nothing engineered, I didn’t plan. I would never take a person I was in romance for my house. After I broke up, who was single, I got involved with a person I was friends with. That’s normal. Carol also got involved with a friend of hers, who she already knew. That’s the most normal in the world. We will not get involved with people who are outside our circle. When we separate, we get involved with someone around us, we already know a little about the couple’s history. That’s normal. approach people with whom she has an affinity. From the moment that two weeks she was with another guy, explain to me what is the sin, what is the mistake of me being involved with another woman? Now levels of involvement, each one has your time, intensity, connection. I can’t fall in love?”, he said.

“There was never any flirtation between Aline and me. There was never any of that, we always had a fucking friendship connection. Few moments when I talked to her was a very intense exchange of ideas, we think a lot alike. We have a different connection. There was never any disrespect. After I was single, after my ex wife opened up to me that she was seeing another guy, I felt entitled to live. If she was crying at home, disheveled, crying depressed, it was something else I was going to hold on to this story as much as possible, out of empathy, because I didn’t want to see her freak out, to give her time. From the moment she evolved, followed and opened up to me, I felt entitled to live. That’s all.” , he concluded.

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