Juliano Cazarré, from Pantanal, sees daughter go into surgery after childbirth: Serious

According to the actor, his daughter is recovering from surgery.

Juliano Cazarre became one of the great stars of “Pantanal”, by Globo. Last Tuesday, the 21st, he had to deal with the worst news involving his daughter, Maria Guilhermina.

In short, the actor’s heiress was born yesterday afternoon and had to go to the operating room because of a rare cardiovascular disease, Ebstein’s anomaly.

This Wednesday, the 22nd, the interpreter of Alcides in “Pantanal” talked about her daughter’s state of health after the surgery.


“Maria arrived with a special heart, also expanding our hearts and those of everyone around her! In prenatal examinations, we found that she had a rare congenital heart disease called Ebstein’s anomaly.”began Juliano Cazarré.

In the sequence, the actor of “Pantanal” confessed that the doctors realized that the case of the heiress would be one of the rarest.

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“During the pregnancy, the doctors realized that her case would be one of the rarest and most serious within the anomaly and, therefore, we decided to come to São Paulo so that she could be born with the most specialized team”said the artist.


According to the Globo actor, even with the serious and rare disease, Maria Guilhermina was born well.

“She was born very well, she surprised everyone with great strength and health! But her case called for immediate surgical intervention, and so our little warrior spent her first day of life doing a major heart repair.”confessed the famous.

After returning to the operating room, Juliano Cazarré’s heiress fought bravely and is fine,

“The surgery went well, she is stable and continues to recover and receive the best care”, declared the famous.

In addition, the actor of “Pantanal”, thanked the care of his daughter’s team: “Its doctors and specialists are true heroes, and we are happy and reassured to have such a well-prepared team”.

Juliano Cazarré, from Pantanal, lives the worst and daughter enters surgery in a hurry after giving birth: "rare and serious"
According to Juliano Cazarré, his daughter is fine (Reproduction)

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