Leonardo makes important revelation about Jonathan and Clarice

the disappearance of jonathan (Guilherme Weber) caused a great deal of mystery to all who were interested in the secret formula he had created, especially after the mess left by the death of Clarice (Taís Araújo), who was directly linked to him. In the next chapters of face and courage, Leonardo (Ícaro Silva) will make an important revelation about the scientist and his late sister.

It all happens after Martha (Claudia Di Moura) finally finds out where Jonathan was hiding during a video call she was having with Vini (Serjão Loroza), and has him brought back. It is at this moment that Ítalo (Paulo Lessa) convinces the scientist to return home with him and clarify the whole situation, and ends up discovering through him that Clarice did not trust Leonardo, especially after the crook reveals that he was also interested in the secret formula for make money.

Jonathan had run away.  Source: Reproduction/Globo
Jonathan had run away. Source: Reproduction/Globo
Jonathan had run away. Source: Reproduction/Globo

As a way to improve his image with Italo and perhaps gain the security guard’s trust, he reveals that Jonathan was once married to Clarice. This is extremely important information, as it justifies the closeness that the two had, and the trust that the businesswoman placed in the scientist.

Of course, Ítalo is surprised by the discovery, as no one suspected that the two had been married, as they imagined that Clarice was not capable of approaching anyone in that way. The security guard has already tried to have a relationship with the businesswoman, but he ended up being dumped by her shortly before her death, leaving him very shaken.

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